Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DJ R.O.B. got mentioned in "Best Entries for Game Career Guide's Game Design Challenge"!

Please check for more details. You can red this blog post here.

I just checked the Results from Game Design Challenge: The Return Of R.O.B. on's website and I was delighted to see that my submitted idea is among the best entries for this challenge!

If you want to know more about the idea, check the original blog post in where I describe it in detail.

To be perfectly honest, I was a bit sceptic that my idea would be in the best entries as I didn't have enough time to polish the game design concept that much, but I was somehow confident that they would like the idea.

But in the end, the idea went through and I am extremely happy as this feels very rewarding. I will definitely keep working on new Game Designs and I'll keep submitting ideas to GCG's Challenges. It allows me to practice my Game Designing skills and although it is not a game to show, it shows that I have good ideas, the ability to design and make them become a real game. And you'll never know, maybe I'll start making one of this games, one of this days! :D

Finally, I would like to thank Nuno Barreiros again for providing me with the amazing art that was submitted with the idea. I'm quite sure it helped my idea get through!


EDIT: I just noticed that when listing the items on Features list in's site (, the icon for the "Results from Game Design Challenge: The Return Of R.O.B." thread is a thumbnail of my submission! :D

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